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Introduction to Feng Shui


Feng Shui is a miraculous science which originated in China about 3000 years ago. This science which has gained immense popularity in the most highly advanced countries such as Europe and United States is utilized in their Astrological and Vastu Shastra (Geomancy) activities. A host of literature has been made available on this subject in the English language and has become tremendously popular because this science or shastra is capable of producing positive results with just simple methods and procedures.



Feng Shui for Sri Lanka


Feng Shui was initially introduced to Sri Lanka in the year 1997 by Master Asiri Wanigaratne and the first ever centre for Feng Shui was instituted by him in Sri Lanka. So far over forty publications have been authored by him and these books are among the largest number of publications which have the greatest rate of sales among other publications.
Feng Shui primarily became popular in Sri Lanka among wealthy people in the city of Colombo and they made use of this science to acquire further wealth. However, when Master Asiri Wanigaratne’s books began to hit the market, and subsequent to television
programmes that were very often were broadcasted, Feng Shui became so very popular among the general public.

Occult Significance


There is a particular occult energy which carries negative and positive forces within and around our environment. This is known as ‘CHI’ among the Chinese and as ‘PRANA’ among Indians. How this energy affects you and your life is estimated according to how your house is positioned, where is has been constructed, the manner in which the rooms have been planned out, the direction where the house is located, in what and what places items in the house are placed and the nature of the yard or garden. The manner in which you happen to change the CHI pattern in turn brings about various results. By making various changes in the house in association with Feng Shui occult forces results in creating fantastic strides in the advancement of one’s life. Do you wish to increase your wealth? Do you wish to enter into matrimony without any delay? Do you wish to put an end to the conflicts occurring in your married life? Do you wish to receive a speedy advancement in your career or even maintain a healthy constitution? Then you must be conversant with secrets of Feng Shui.
What Feng Shui explains is how to achieve the aforementioned needs simply by executing the relevant changes within your own home.


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